Daisy Jean Designs' Five-Phase Custom Wholesale Process

After working with numerous resellers and brands, Daisy Jean Designs have developed a five-phase custom wholesale process. Customers can enter and leave the process at any phase hence enabling them to streamline the process according to their needs.

Phase One: Design

Daisy Jean supplies a design service to assist the reseller to create the item. The design process can incorporate varying degrees of input from the reseller depending on where they are in the creative process. Daisy Jean has numerous ways of assisting with the creative process as can be seen on the Design Phase page. Pricing is normally set-up front for the phase and is based on $150 AUD per hour. Please note:  All rights for the design belong to the customer upon payment.



Phase Two: Prototyping

As we are talking about a physical product, once the design is cut and assembled a video and photos of the prototype are provided for final approval to ensure it meets the expectations prior to production. There is a minimal fee to cover the costs incurred in creating the prototype.

If the reseller prefers and time permits we can provide a physical prototype. Please note any changes of note in the design due to the prototype not meeting requirements would, of course, incur the above design rate to correct.


Phase Three: Production

Once the prototype has been approved, the production pricing can be finalised. The average cost per item depends on the complexity, size and volume and does not normally include retail packaging, marketing fees or delivery. The minimum order level per piece is 20 units. There is normally a lead time of between four and six weeks from payment to shipping depending on volumes and piece complexity.


Phase Four: Packaging

Daisy Jean also can assist in making the items retail ready. Daisy Jean can source various packaging options if required including amongst other things card backs, gift bags, or jewellery boxes with or without branding. (Expanded options covered under Packaging ) The average price, including packing, for the Packaging is around $3.50AUD per item. Alternatively, the reseller could provide the packaging and Daisy Jean can pack the items for $0.50AUD or the items can be provided “naked” and the reseller manages packing.


Phase Five: Marketing

Daisy Jean completes the process by working with the reseller on marketing if required. This can be either as a consultant or an active partner. If required, Daisy Jean can list the item in their shop, assist by marketing to its customer base or help define the promotional activity to help take the item to market. Any marketing agreement will be approached on a bespoke basis, based around piece fit, volumes, the ongoing relationship and the agreed outcome.

Team of colleagues working together on a project.

For more information please feel free to contact: john@wholesale.daisyjeandesigns.com