Wholesale Program

For Daisy Jean Designs

Program Objective

After talking with numerous brooch resellers it became obvious that they face some major obstacles to enable their businesses to flourish. The ability to gain a consistent supply of quality popular products combined with the continual battle to achieve some sort of differentiation while expanding their market, place many resellers under constant pressure. So much so we have seen numerous resellers back out of the market.

The Daisy Jean wholesale program has been put together in such a way so as to ideally address some of these issues, to empower resellers and to help resellers hit their targets!

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Distribution Model

As Daisy Jean Designs is a “Make-To-Order” manufacturer our business model is a little different to most other brooch suppliers. While we produce small numbers of items for retail supply at the time of collection release our distribution model is based around resellers being the primary source of supply so much so that we currently provide in excess of 5 times the volume of products via resellers than we do directly via our eCommerce store.

This enables customers to get prompt delivery worldwide as opposed to having to wait for their order to be produced and shipped.

Reseller Promotion

Resellers are very important to the success of the Daisy Jean business model so they are actively promoted across social media alongside the monthly releases via video and static posts.

In addition to this, Daisy Jean runs various tailored campaigns to promote its resellers. An example would be the Treasure Hunt campaign where customers went into the draw for a major prize by simply purchasing Daisy Jean products from a reseller. A customised competition link – broochhunt.fun – was set up and promoted across all social media.  Resellers reported increased sales across the board.

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Marketing Support

The first focus of the Daisy Jean Wholesale Program is marketing support. Active stockists are not only listed on the Daisy Jean Floral Designs store but also receive marketing material including high-quality photos for them to use on their website and online marketing as well as bespoke marketing materials as needed. Daisy Jean releases a promotional video for each release which is available as a customised video for resellers upon request. Daisy Jean also advertises which stockists have available products and also actively push customers to local suppliers where possible to help expedite supply.

Daisy Jean is also open to working with our resellers to create tailored effective successful promotions and marketing activity.

Available Products

As Daisy Jean makes-to-order they never retire released products due to lack of inventory. Approved resellers can access in excess of 500 different items covering almost 100 different themes. This catalogue (see attached Interactive Video) is extended each month via two scheduled worldwide retail releases.

The main monthly release is based on a theme and normally includes 8-12 different pieces. The mini release normally consists of 3-5 additions to one of the”Evergreen” collections. The “Evergreen” collections are available ongoing to consumers at standard retail.

All other collections move from current to “Legacy” pricing for retail at the end of the following month after release.


Wholesale Orders

The first wholesale order to qualify as a reseller has been set low on purpose being around $100. There are no minimums or order frequency required for further orders. All further wholesale orders must be a minimum of $100.

We provide wholesale pricing and a wholesale ordering platform for all standard and “Evergreen” collections via daisyjeandesigns.faire.com although we are more than happy to work directly if that is preferred.

While retail pricing increases when a collection becomes “Legacy” wholesale pricing stays constant.


Daisy Jean has one major release in the second week of each month with a smaller release during the fourth week. Once a reseller is approved they will gain access to pre-release information on a “Commercial in Confidence” basis. The pre-release information is normally provided to resellers a minimum of six weeks in advance of release to enable resellers enough time to order the items and ideally receive them prior to the release date.

While wholesale pricing stays constant, retail pricing for standard releases increases by 50% at the end of the month following release as they are transitioned to “Legacy” due to the retail production becoming bespoke.

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Custom Wholesale Service

To further empower our resellers Daisy Jean has created a custom design and production service. This means that our resellers will be able to:

  • Create their own exclusive designs via the service
  • Work with their own designer or Daisy Jean for exclusive themed releases
  • Create market-specific pieces for specific customers e.g. events
  • Target clubs, organisations or groups with specialised custom pieces.
  • Work with corporate clients to design pieces to support their brands
  • Release their own ranges/collections

We work alongside our resellers from formulating the design through to the delivery of the final pieces, so no previous knowledge or experience is required to take advantage of this service. Please refer to the “Custom Wholesale Service” page.

Personalisation Service

To help assist our resellers in achieving differentiation we provide the ability for resellers to “personalise” any of our standard release items as part of our Custom Wholesale Service.  This “personalisation” normally consists of having a colour changed on the item, for example, the dress colour of a figure on a brooch or the colour of a banner or words. There is a minimum of 20 pieces per personalised run with a small additional levy per item. The levy is waved when 50 of the same item is ordered at once.

Note: The rights for a specific colourway belongs to the reseller who ordered it and will not be supplied to other resellers or via the Daisy Jean shop without permission from the reseller.